What comes after awakening?

What comes after awakening?

If there’s one question I’ve been asked more often than any other, it’s this…

“What comes after awakening?”

Now there’s a question. 

Who would know?

How could there be an after?

There is no after. 


Forget about it. 

How would it help you, the one asking such a question, to ask this question, and hear some answer?

There is no how.

Forget about it. 

Forget about awakening, enlightenment, Buddha mind. 

Buddha mind is not something we need to attain, it is what we already, eternally are.

The one wanting to know, can never know. 

Because awakening is the truth revealing itself, to itself, as the one who asks such questions dissolves.

This one is, and always was, a mirage arising out of mind, just as a vision of an oasis, arises out of the heat in the desert.

So, just in case you've not been listening…

There is no after awakening. 

No beginning. No end. 

Forget about it. 

Let go of the idea that you're going to find something or get something. You will not be there to find or get anything. 

Let go of the one who is seeking and the Self will reveal itself, to itself. 

…and there will be no more questions.

Go drink a cup of tea, take a walk and listen to the wind.