If a tree falls in a forest

If a tree falls in the forest, and there's no one there to hear it, did it make a sound? 
— Zen proverb. 

If you witness / experience events first hand, they are your reality.

If you witness / experience events via the media, they are not your reality, unless you believe them as real. It's not even the view through a keyhole.

The media includes social media.

Peace starts here, within. The Buck stops here, within. If we can find peace here, then we can bring it to our world, which starts with our family, then extends to our friends, neighbours and colleagues. 

The world is big, and a human life is stupidly small. If we drop the arrogance that we can fix the world and instead seek peace within, and live and grow from there, teach others if we find we are able to find that peace. 

Otherwise, we have nothing to offer the world, but a sweet wish for global peace and the mistaken belief that the world as the media presents it is true and real.

Move to Iceland, or Portugal, or find and share peace in Brighton. The world is a mad place. Totally. But the world the media shows us does not exist.

If I were to take outer action, the best action I could take would be to disempower the media. It's a business, and it's causing as much harm as politics. It is an out of control war monger. 

The simplest, most direct way to disempower the media? Don't watch, read or listen. If you do, accidentally, don't believe it. This is the greatest power you hold. 

If you can't find inner peace, forget about the world. 

Light one corner of the world. If we all do that, the world will be flooded with light.

Don't post shit on social media.

Light one corner of the world and help the world shine. 

On a good day, you're already doing this. On a bad day, you're letting belief in media bullshit turn down the dimmer.

Light one corner of the world and help the world shine. 

Smile. The world is not over. It's starts here, and now, in this eternal moment.

I know you know this. Don’t lose faith and believe in stories. 

That belief, suspended, will change the world in a heartbeat, and that's your "way out".

The only way out is in.