Renku 2

Renku 2 / 

This is the second compilation of music made in response to the Renku challenge: 
A collaborative, bi-weekly music project run by Naviar Records. 

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3 tracks, 5 artists, 25 minutes of carefully crafted ambient soundscapes.


Carlos R
Glenn Sogge
Jesús Lastra
Synkrotron Synkrotron


Renku #004

fresh water
springing from the rocks
a solitary bird

offering nothing
the empty sky

by: Kashyapi

Renku #006

sounds enter the water
on this night –

who hears this
and when?

by Chyo-ni & Kashyapi

Renku #008

sleeping outdoors
with friends
summer constellation

a hand drumming
pulsates with the sun

by Jane & Werner Reichhold