I have no words. Listen.

This is the wordless teaching.

The transmission that can only be given, and received by, silence.

This is the exchange of no exchange, where there are neither two, nor even one. 

There is only the silence.

This is the silent foundation, from which the whole world arises. 

You are the silence. 

You are the silence, listening.

Don't take my word for it, nor the word of anyone else. 

You must discover this truth alone. 

You must turn your attention inwards, and reflect silently on who is listening, on who is noticing the silence, on who hears it. Or the absence of it. 

By listening, even just once, in this way, it is possible to discover the truth of who you are. 

Just once is enough unravel all misunderstandings. Lifetimes of them. 

Listen. I have no words.