Adyashanti on meditation

The silence and stillness of meditation is the bedrock upon which this teaching rests. It fosters an inward stability, objectivity, non- attachment, and depth of understanding unknown to the conceptual mind. Formal meditation is done best while sitting (or lying down if absolutely necessary) in a location where you will not be interrupted. The attitude conducive to meditation is one of surrender, effortlessness, and openness.
Meditation is more a form of silent prayer than a technique to master. When new to meditation, you may want to start with ten to fifteen minutes dedicated to being silent. When this amount of time feels comfortable, you may want to extend your meditation periods in five-minute increments until you can sit comfortably for thirty or forty minutes at a time. But even sitting in silence for fifteen to twenty minutes a day will begin to form an inner composure of stillness and stability within you.
— Adyashanti