Meeting the Master

Meeting the Master.

Besides brief poems, longer spontaneous writings occasionally arise. 

The following words woke me from sleep, writing themselves within me, asking to be written down, around 4am on 10 March. 

I was blessed with the opportunity to read them later that day to my own, Beloved Master, Ganga Mira and Sangha. Ganga later asked that I share them so they could be of inspiration to others, so I am sharing them here, and on my website. They will be published, in a collection of other spontaneous writings, in due course.

I claim no ownership of these words, I was simply the vehicle of their expression.

Meeting the Master. 

If, when meeting the Master, we find ourself to be bound, not free, that there are two, not one, then we should lay ourself at the Master’s feet, bound only to her pointing.

Because she is Freedom itself, Truth incarnate, unborn, unbound, she will not bind us, but free us.

If, when meeting the Master, we find ourself to be Self meeting its own Self, then in this moment, we are not two, not one, only the Self remains.

This moment, this meeting, is not meeting at all, but the recognition of undivided union, the realisation that this communion is freedom itself, pure, timeless, undivided recognition, this realisation of that which is unborn, undying, eternal Self. 

In this moment, we realise that which was always here, and can never leave, our True Nature. In this, eternal moment, we recognise our Original face, without name or form.

The search is gone, no seeker remains, yet nothing is done, nor undone. 

Only Truth remains. 

Silent before even the concept of silence arises. Empty of all concepts.

This is Satsang. 

This is the joy of Satsang, this love for Truth.

Head eternally bowed, at the Master’s feet,