What I live for.

I live for the moment.

There is only now. 

Once you learn to see that, you will be right here now too.

Today, I am away on silent retreat.

Following 6 months of busy work with clients, mentoring, editing eBooks, building websites and other mindful publishing projects, I am ready to recharge my batteries, yes.

But more than that, I am ready for freedom, and that is what I live for. Freedom, for me, comes through awakening. Awakening to the true self, the final answer to the ages old question, who am I?

This retreat is a combination of a silent intensive retreat, followed through with four days at an ashram. I will be digging deep into the question of “who am I?”, as I have throughout my Zen practice, and in fact, for much of my life. But now, I am ready. 

To be. Now.

This is what I live for. 

Written for the Satya Robyn What I live for project.