A letter from the temple.

An update, before I return to the temple…

The fundraising for the next stage of Silences meditation project is complete and the project is under way. Thanks to the generosity of many, and to a final sweeping burst of fundraising work with my clients, I have sold sufficient work to be able to fund the training and travel. I am overjoyed.

An iPhone / Android meditation timer app is in progress. I am collaborating with a meditator / developer on this.

I am having a precious time, living at a Buddhist temple in Menorca, tending it's garden and paths (actual temple sweeping), cleaning the temple, making offerings, and yesterday I gave an introductory teaching to Buddhist meditation here. Today we are sitting in a group meditation. 

For many years, I signed letters and emails to friends "The Temple Sweeper". In my mind, I already was one. Today, I am not only an actual temple sweeper, but a teacher in a temple too. How life twists and turns. I never imagined it possible, and yet I did.

I am now honoured to have a mentor, in the highly experienced and knowledgeable modern meditation master, Lorin Roche (lorinroche.com). Of course, I also have my Zen master, Daizan Roshi, the teacher who is leading the meditation and mindfulness teacher training course which I begin on 29 July.

In addition, I am seriously considering asking to take the path of Zen teacher in the Rinzai lineage through Daizan Roshi. His own lineage teacher is still alive, and at a temple in Japan. He is Shinzan Miyamae Roshi. After completing his koan study, Shinzan Roshi took the unusual step of visiting every Zen Master in Japan seeking to test and deepen his insight. Later he restored Gyokuryuji, the hermitage of the great Zen master Bankei.

Here in Menorca, I have not only discovered a magical Buddhist temple, but also a multi faith spiritual eco community, of Spanish people. I have made so many friends here in Menorca, where I have been welcomed warmly into the community. I wish I could stay longer, but for now, I must leave and fulfil other commitments. I fly to Barcelona on Saturday. I will return at the end of August, when I hope to go on retreat at the eco centre, and later, to lead retreats and courses in their most beautiful multi-faith chapel.

I feel so blessed by the things that are happening in my life right now.