Remembering Japan.

Today, I am remembering Japan. My Zen practice originated there. My teacher trained there. Some of my best friends live there. 

I remember 11.03.11 all too well. I was on Facebook, chatting with a client in Tokyo. Her words changed, part way through our conversation, she simply wrote…

EARTHQUAKE. Just like that. Everything changed.

I switched on the TV, to follow what was happening on the news. It was ugly. I contacted friends there to check they were okay. They were, thankfully. But still, I remember where I was, what I was doing, who I was talking to. Today, I am remembering again, along with a whole International community. With respect, I bow deeply to Japan, and to her people. For all that they have brought me, to this day. Thank you.

Some time later, as Japan began to pick up the pieces, I wrote ‘Picking up the pieces’ and ‘Turning rubble into gold’.


[Image by Terriko / Ando]