Learn nothing.

“It’s better to learn nothing for a day, than to amass knowledge for a thousand days.”

Ch'an Master Hua

You can sit like a mountain, as is so often said in Zen, of Zazen.

Or you can do nothing, and learn nothing.

Doing nothing, wu wei as it is known in the Tao, is unlearning the actions of doing, by dropping everything and relaxing into total non-doing.

It is an effortless state, the dropping of all wanting, all doing. Natural, automatic, flowing. In this effortless state, life has the sweet aroma of Truth. 

You don’t need to choose your path. You can’t decide anything. Life is doing that for you already. Trust, and know that life will unfold just as it should.

Stop trying, learn nothing, and let life guide you.  

What could be more simple?