Better day 20.

“Be. Your own teacher.”


There's nothing better than to find a spiritual guru, to have your path mapped out for you. Is there?

Did Buddha Shakyamuni find a spiritual guru? He sought teachings, and found them in many places, each one different from the other, yet there were common threads. He was the original 'spiritual tourist'. Not in a shallow way, but in a deep way, he dug deeply into his spiritual heritage, seeking out truths from all those around him. More importantly, he sought out truths from the world around him, seeking the answers to his questions by directly meditating upon those truths.

Be your own guru. Dig deep inside. Explore teachings and practices. Find your own way. Find truth that way. It's a lifetime's work, but you have a lifetime ahead of you.


Today's thought is from the series '31 Ways to Have a Better Day'.