A cultivator and curator of that rare resource - Silence - Sister Andō is masterful in her sparing use of words. Adding only enough to frame the moment, her poetry helps to open the reader to their own experience of that living moment. Like the great hermit poet Ryokan, she ekes out a humble subsistence from her craft, and like the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of old, she uses that craft to help ferry the seeker to the other shore. If you need some change in your life, and can also spare some, join her on her quiet journey.

Fa Hsing Jeff Miles


Andō is a Zen sister and poet-wayfarer in the tradition of Buson, Bashō, Rengetsu, Chiyo-ni, and Santōka. She embodies the spirited lineage of haiku, haibun, and contemplative free-verse. In addition to her striking, silence-informed verse, Andō practices an ancient Japanese lifeway of Zen aiko - relying on patrons.

Frank LaRue Owen


The Small Silences course has changed my life. I was beginning to not write because I couldn't really articulate what I want to say. Now I see I was articulating too much.

These are the best practice exchanges I have ever had. I am learning about the nature of mind. I am shifting in what I present in words.

Zenju Earthlyn Manuel