Small Silences. A course inspired by contemplative poetry, from sources including Zen, Ch’an, Daoist and contemporary poetry. For those seeking to make space for the contemplative practice of silence and poetry in their lives. Read the full course description here.

Delivered online in 28 sessions, for self paced study over 28 days, or 28 weeks, the course offers around 30 minutes of study material per session, on which you might spend around 60 to 90 minutes including your own practice, according to the time you have available to explore the material. You can read and listen to a free demo of a full session here.

Course materials, delivered online include video, audio, text, reading material and further reading references. On completion, you will receive a PDF of the text content. Audio can be downloaded during the course for use offline.

On purchase of the course, you will receive a web link and password for the main course page and introduction, usually within 24 hours, via email, so please ensure I receive the correct email, as PayPal can sometimes provide an out of date email (the email address your account was opened under) to the recipient (me), when purchasing.

Get in touch if you have any questions, or to send me your email address for delivery of course materials.

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participants anD other teachers, on their experience of the course

Andō is the real deal. Go write and be with her.

— W.G.

This course has changed my life. I was beginning to not write because I couldn't really articulate what I want to say. Now I see I was articulating too much.

These are the best practice exchanges I have ever had. I am learning about the nature of mind. I am shifting in what I present in words. Its been phenomenal! So, pleased.

— Z.M.

Small Silences is wonderful. Deep gratitude for the work you’ve done putting this together and providing a space to learn and practice.

— B.

I am thrilled with the readings, meditations and practices. I remember what you said about the silence inside and that has been helpful.

I have been able to rest in silence when pen and paper were beyond my reach. This course has been the life line I need in my life now. For that I am very grateful.

Blessings, the course is unfolding beautifully for me.

— D.L.

Beloved Ando, I just wanted to share how much I am  deeply appreciating and enjoying your course.

It is imbued with the purity of truth and such a peaceful and joyful experience.

Enjoying thoroughly learning of some new [to me] poets and stripping my own writing back to its core. 

— S.R.

I am really enjoying the material and am grateful for the depth of work you've done in putting this together.

I was inspired by silence even more so than usual. The daily practices and your commentary have become a welcome extension of my own daily practice.

I continue to be impressed and inspired by the depth of this course, and my gratitude for you and your work grows daily.

— F.H.

Your teaching is bringing deep calm. It is also stirring poetic experience.

I am grateful to you for prompting this in my heart.

I am feeling indescribable gratitude for this course. Thank you.

I am writing as I hear your voice each day. I haven’t written much poetry before now.

Thank you for nourishing mornings with your voice.

— S.S.

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the richness and quality of the course. This was made with love, and I could feel it deeply.

I wish I could attend a poetry workshop someday.

From all my heart, with gratitude. Gasshō.

— M.C.

I love your course, the form and the content.

Very inspiring.

Small silences affects my piano playing… small silences, without words, only sounds, music… improvising.

It supports my day too.

— I.V.

I am really enjoying your workshop, though often I do not have time to write. However, listening to your calm and peaceful voice makes me pause and take that deep breath. Pause and breathe and listen.

Thank you for your words and feedback, I appreciate everything you are offering. My year has been a challenging one and this course is helping me to navigate through it all. I certainly need that silence.

— V.H.

I am just grateful that you’ve come into my life. I have been sitting and writing for a while, I didn’t know that it was a recognized practice, although I have had some Zen teachers.

— J.C.

I am grateful for your poetry course!

— S.M.

Thank you so much for this course. Feels like finding a new hiking path and I’m treasuring it. I love the fresh invitation to see what can be discovered.

I’m truly grateful for you and can’t wait to see what unfolds on this path! Language/conversation has always been something I thought of as a weakness and in need of improvement, and that may be true but I’m starting to see the uniqueness of my expression.

— A.R.

Your teaching is having a profound effect on my writing and, more importantly, on me.

I appreciate this merely the first step on a long road but thank you for the thought you put into the course.

— R.R.

Andō, you are a unique human.

— S.G.

Bravo on all that you have created and launched this year. It's quite remarkable.

— H.S.