Viewing the moon


A collection of Zen poetry, written at the moonviewing of the full moon (supermoon) of 14 November 2016.

The moonviewing took place in the forest on the hills of Bordeira, SW Portugal.

Full Moon: Satsuki Shibuya


Nº 00 /

supermoon setting
over the forest dawn
nightjars and I listening


N°02 /

a crack of orange
through the pines
the moon is gone


N°04 /

after sunset
first nightjar calling
waiting for the moon


N°06 /

moonlight breaks
over the forest
— an owl breaks silence


N°08 /

without words or wisdom
shining its bright silence
— full moon


N°10 /

a candle
for all the sages
resting by the fire


N°12 /

too bright
for the milky way
— full moonlight


N°14 /

no moon
no me
no you


N°16 /

of the moon
— my heart


N°18 /

speaking the language
of the moon
— the silence


N°20 /

the wind in the pines
and the stillness
of the moon


N°22 /

nothing to know
nothing to do
— moonviewing


N°24 /

let it have you
— the setting moon


N°01 /

into the forest
supermoon dawn


N° 03 /

setting moon
the sun rising
— where does day begin?


N°05 /

through the pines —
first glimpse
of the moon


N°07 /

silence reflecting
in a cup of tea
— the moon


N°09 /

shining the dharma
on the forest
— full moon


N°11 /

sharing her
slow moving stillness
— autumn moon


N°13 /

in the air —
and the moon


N°15 /

temple bells
in the moonlight
— silence calling


N°17 /

in the
light of the moon
— white lillies


N°19 /

on the shrine —
wild white lilies
full moon


N°21 /

sipping the tea
I am the tea
watching the moon
I am the moon
inhaling the wind
I am the wind
— not two, not one


N°23 /

full moon —
a roaring silence
through the pines