The timeless now

“The ‘moment’ has no yesterday or tomorrow. 
It is not the result of thought and therefore has no time.” 
— Bruce Lee

When we talk about moments, it is as if they are a moment in time, or something that can be saved, like a snapshot. I even share moments, here on my site, they’re photographs, actual snapshots in time.

But when we look for the moment, now, as described by Bruce Lee, it is entirely different. 

Now is not in time.

Now is timeless. It is before time.

Time is a concept, an idea we believe in.

We enter time only when we believe in the concept of it. 

Until the moment we register this belief, where is it?

Time is not real. It is about language. 

The moon rotates around the earth. The earth rotates around the sun, and around it’s own axis. We have learnt to measure time against these things, but it is not fixed. 

Time does not exist, and we are timeless. 

We can use the concept of time for practical purposes, when it’s helpful to do so. But there is no need to be ruled by it.

Tomorrow, today will be yesterday. 

Yesterday, today was a tomorrow. 

This is how thought uses time. It imagines it to be true.

So we go on imagining what tomorrow will be, reminiscing on what yesterday was. But one is a projection, and the other is just a memory. Neither have a shred of reality, they are creations of the mind, and the mind alone.

But now is now. It will always be now. 

Stay here.

You can’t ever leave this moment, because now has no beginning, nor end. So it is also immeasurable.

Now is timeless, eternally now.

This is what the moment is.

To reside here in the moment is to be fully alive, fully present, always.