The door

The door.

Maybe you haven't yet realised that, as Rumi said, “you're knocking on the door from the inside”.

Lost souls and peace seekers, you're most welcome here.

Think of me as a shade tree, under which you can rest a while, catch your breath and find your feet, work out where you are, and where you’re headed. 

Regardless of faith, with this support, you can discover the answers to your life’s questions and doubts.

I offer you an open, sacred space of silence and listening, I accompany you on your life’s journey, as the spirit wakes up in you.

As your spiritual director, my role is to support your voyage through the combined arts of sacred listening, silence, inner prayer and contemplation. 

With a focus on silence and listening, I draw from a storehouse of ancient spiritual tools and approaches.

I've updated the spiritual direction section of my website, to read more, visit this page.