From begging bowl to community

From begging bowl to community.

A whole year has passed, since dear Emma Wallace created a Patreon page for me, to help support me and my work, whatever that is.

Since then, an empty page has become a growing community of patron friends. It feels like home, a family too.

Since it began, it has become about far more than poetry books, prints and podcasts. So much is being revealed.

Thank you to Emma, and all who have supported me there, and elsewhere. 

To find out more, or to join our community, visit us at

To offer a one off donation of support, visit

All funds go towards food, medicine, water, clothing, housing, travel and other essential costs. 

As the fund grows, I am looking to build a monastic space in Portugal, where I can live, work and practice, with three supported solitary retreat spaces on the land, where those of all faiths and no faith can come and find much needed contemplative space.

If you can't support with financial donation, we are looking for land or a ruin in Portugal, as a donation, or to rent. You can also support the project by sharing this post, and others that relate to the fund and the project. 

Or you can hire me, to write for you, to host a gathering, or some other thing.

There will soon be a website to explain more about the project and what it may come to offer.

Your support for this work is very much appreciated, thank you.