Saint Francis

It was said recently that I am a Saint Francis of Assisi, after two wild ducks moved here to join me at the hermitage. 

They flew in to a forest lake where I was practicing QiGong, and proceeded to observe me, silently. 

Two days later, they showed up here, at the little lake by the hermitage.

Two guests here were mesmerised by how the ducks would appear wherever I appeared, peeping through the windows. The ducks appeared to be following me, and the guests left convinced that I have magical powers. 

I do not. 

I can't explain it, other than to say, when we are silent, and absent in terms of being present in the world, other beings are drawn to that peace. 

If you continue on this path (which to be reading this journal, you must be on), you will notice such events around you also.

Not just animals and birds, but people too, will be drawn to your peace, to the silent stillness that abounds in and around you.