Silently listening

Silently listening, I explore what is heard.

I don't just hear a frog, a bird, or even a chorus of frogs and birds.

There is only the one, seamless sound. Containing all sounds, and silence too.

My beating heart, pumping blood, a gentle morning breeze, all are heard, their touch is felt.

No edge is found between sound, silence and touch.

Bringing attention to each of the senses, exploring the edges, no edge is found. No boundary, border or limitation.

All edges and limitations arise from concepts we hold. So, instead of true, pure seeing, hearing, scent, taste and touch, we experience the limits set out by our concepts.

Dropping all concepts, if only for a moment, we remove all limitations, and find our Self, arising from the ashes of belief, free, unbound, unbroken, unlimited and eternal.


Spontaneous writing / 10.05.16