Self-discovery is not to discover something new about yourself.

It is simply to clear up a misunderstanding, to uncover the self, the one who is ever present.

The one who looks in the mirror, and seeing a different body, aged 10, 20, 50, says “I don't feel any different!” 

Not the one you see in the mirror. The one aware of the changing body and mind, of which not an original cell remains of. The one aware of all changes. 

Because everything changes, except for you. Contemplate for a moment, how are you able to notice so much about the world? Because it is not you. Because you are timeless and changeless, and all this change is only relative to your ever unmoving position. 

You are not a location. Nor can you be located.

This unchanging one, this unlocatable one, is who you are. 

You are forever this eternal, unchanging self.