Searching for the Self

Searching for the Self.

How to find your Self?

Stop searching for the Self.

For this search can give no answers. All questions, and all answers are untrue, and will only mislead you.

For this seeker is untrue, unreal, an illusion, obscuring the Truth.

The search begins at the naturally arising question "Who am I?" and will not be found until we look where this question ends.

Only this, one question will serve you. 

It will serve you by leading you to the end of all searching, and to the end of the seeker itself.

This question will expose and dissolve all other questions.

This question will turn your attention inwards, and, following the (SatGuru) Master’s pointing, it will lead you to the end of you.

You will not disappear. How can the unreal disappear? It is only an illusion.

You will not attain. There is no attainer and no attainment for this search.

When you are ready to meet your Self, as not two, not even one, then this question will cease, of its own accord.

When you are ready to surrender the idea you have of yourself, and of the seeker you believe yourself to be, then you are done with this question.

Where can it take you? 

You cannot go anywhere, or arrive anywhere. You are already found, before the point of departure, and arrival. 

Where could you arrive to, and who could possibly arrive?

This question, "who am I?" is not a koan, to lead you to another, better koan. Nor will it ever give you a satisfactory answer. It is the light which will expose all that is untrue, and it will expose the Truth of who you Are. 

You are the answer to this question, found only where the question ends. 

Turn your attention to the place where this question ends. It is a signpost pointing you to who you really are. It cannot take you further than to where this question ends. 

Once looking in the direction of where this question ends, there is no question, or questioner. 

What remains here?

Was this One not always here?

Who has been searching, and for what? 

The seeker is not real. How can there be a search, without a seeker?

The one who begins this search, will not end it.

Rest here. As your own, True Self. 

This one was never lost, so cannot be found. 

What remains here? 

At the end of search and seeker?

This is not a question to be answered by the mind. Though it will be quick to leap in and try, such is it's nature.

Remaining here, silent, not rising with the mind / I, the Self will reveal itself to itself.

There is nothing here that can be known, or found. 

This is the groundless ground of all existence.

This is who you are.

Can you let go of the ideas you hold of yourself, and truth, for long enough to see? 

Timeless, this will take no time. 

You are not beyond time, you are before it. Time arises in you.

Without location, you have no base, do not try to make one. Space arises in you.

You are That, undefinable, indescribable, unlocatable. 

You are That. 

That alone.


Spontaneous writing, 4am, 16 March 2016.