Pay attention

Pay attention /

Awareness, attention and who we are…

Awareness moves as attention. 

Attention is meditation.

When we meditate on a non-virtuous object, such as a thought, there is trouble. In doing so, we move as mind, not pure attention.

When we meditate on a virtuous object, there is no trouble. There is no other virtuous object than the Self, our True nature. 

Meditating on the self, by simply returning our attention to the source from which it arises, we are unmoving, silent stillness, pure Awareness itSelf. 

This is how to pay attention. 

This is how to find out who we are.

This, returning to the source from which all things arise.

Only in This will we find unending peace. 

Only here.

Do it now.

It needs no practice.

It simply needs repetition, always returning attention to it's source, when in our Awareness, we find it has wandered. 

Not so we can improve it, but so we realise who we are. So we stop mistaking ourself for this phantom I that we have spent lifetimes believing in.

Let it end here, now.

This is not a task. 

There's nothing to do. 

This is not a movement. 

It is the end of movement. 

This is not the end, it is the beginning.

It is the beginning of life itself. 

This is the Source of Awareness, attention, thought, of life itSelf.

The Self.

This is who you are.

Stay here, quiet, unmoving.

Be still.

Let life move you as it must.

This will not trouble you. 

Because you are the stillness in which life is arising. 

Nothing can disturb you. 

This is the peace you seek. 

It's not outside of you.

It's not even within you.

It is you.

Stay here.