On the subject of rest and work

On the subject of rest and work.

In need of an increased amount of rest (due to ME/CFS and adrenal suppression), I will spend less time here. But I will not stop creating or sharing. This work is my life blood.

I choose not to contribute to the noise, but rather, to share the mystery of silence and the wonder of the quiet life.

I will continue to serve Zen, tea and poetry, daily, at Patreon, and in time, will build a private online teahouse here, for patrons only.

I'll share a weekly summary of those posts, here, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and to my mailing list (you can subscribe here) on Sundays.

My energy will pour into the work, as it shows up, there.

Come join me. Support the work if you can, or read the free posts there. Escape the dopamine rush of social media for a while.

Inhale the quiet life of Zen, tea and poetry.

I offer audio, video, photos, poems, spontaneous writings, and Skypes via Patreon. There will be contemplations, conversations, gatherings, retreats, readings and commentary. There will be silence.

You are most welcome, dear friends. I hope to meet you there. There is work to be done, and rest to be sunk into.

Will you join me and our little community of Zen, tea and poetry? 

Will you support the work?