Go to the forest

"Now I have given you the teaching, there are the trees, there are the roots of the trees. 

Go meditate there, seek solace in the forest, lest you regret it later."
— Buddha

Go to the forest

In Japan, there is a practice of forest bathing. Called shinrin-yoku in Japanese, it means, literally: forest bathing. It may take the form of forest air-bathing and walking.

I have spent the majority of the past three to four years living in the forest, or at the edge of it. As I sit and write, I look up through the cork oaks, into the tall, cool shade of the eucalyptus forest. I love to walk alone, or with others, in silence, through the forest, and I love to take a cushion and simply sit, or make a tea meditation there. 

Maybe you will try it? It could be as simple as visit to the forest for relaxation. It could be to sit under a tree, as the Buddha did, 2,500 years ago, and sit, perhaps not for six years, but even 10 minutes could be most beneficial. 

The breathing will slow, the mind will settle, and peace will arise within. Even if a noisy mind remains, you will become aware of it. Simply rest in the knowing of this awareness, it’s enough.

From time to time, I offer guided forest meditations and silent forest walks, check back for updates.