A movement into full colour living

Image by Analogue Life.

A movement into full colour living.

I wrote a solstice post to my Patreon community this morning. I shared a change that is being painted in my life. Unplanned, unintended, life as it is, unfolding.

After 5 years as an independent Zen forest monk in SW Portugal, I found myself out in the world, thrown back into the deep end of life this March. Life has been a whirlwind of life events since, and I have found my feet taking new steps on fresh earth, without knowing what next.

The monk became a poet, writer, meditation guide, mentor and life coach, but now, the work deepens and I am to offer my services as a celebrant, and to train as an interfaith minister and chaplain.

My dream? To hold space for those travelling through life's transitions, physical and spiritual. To help them celebrate birth, life, relationship and death. To help them to honour their life, their true path, and to step fully into life, without holding their breath.

It seems a long way from the remote forest life of a monk that I led, deeply in meditation and contemplation, silence and solitude. Yet it sings from the same source. What a joy it is to live this life.

As I once wrote, you are the poetry of life, dance on!

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