Don't run for the hills

Don't run for the hills.

I find myself thankful for the small things in life today.

A cup of Genmaitcha in the weak morning sun, lunch by a trickling fountain in the World Peace Garden, the sound of the breeze. 

So many teachers around me. 

There's such value in slowing down with a cup of tea, sitting a while.

I have been feeling the need for retreat, finding myself in the midst of the city, instead of the forest.

Then, today, when I switched fully into retreat mode right here, where I find myself, unwell, my Mum dying, my Dad weakening, challenging finances, unknown European future.

So I rest into it. Lock, stock and barrel.

If I run to some remote hut, I will take it all with me.

So today, my retreat is to meet it all, right here, right now. 

Things as they are.

As I am. 


Journal entry, 30 June, 2016