Don't land anywhere

Don't land anywhere.

The simplest retreat.

How to take the simplest retreat?

Don't go anywhere.

Remain where you always are, the Self, the Source of all arisings.

Don't land anywhere.

Don't rise up, don't sink in.

Don't look for something that is already here.

Don't land anywhere. Not even lightly.

Don't land on here, or there.

Don't land on past, or future.

Don't land on time, or timelessness.

Don't land on Godliness, or personness.

Don't land on knowing, or not knowing.

Don't land on I got it, or I don't get it

Don't land on I'll get it, or I'll never get it.

Don't land on light, or darkness.

Don't land on peace, or noise.

Don't land on bliss, or suffering.

Don't land on everythingness, or nothingness.

Don't land on there's something to do, or there's nothing to do.

If you find you have landed, leave it alone at once, because to land is to drink deeply of the poison of delusion.

Don't land anywhere.


Spontaneous writing / 28.05.16

Inspired by the words of my Master, Ganga, and her Master, Papaji before her, "Don't land anywhere." Truly hear and follow the pointing of these three words, and you will realise you are already free.