Finding inner calm

In Mixmag, the world's biggest dance and club magazine, DJ DEBONAIR explains how she found inner calm with Kashyapi.

Debonair came on a retreat / workshop I hosted with Wild Things in Brighton, last Autumn, along with other independent creatives, entrepreneurs and founders.

It's a joy to hear how she continues to benefit from the discoveries we made together.

“After years of deliberating. I started meditating last year after an intensive course with Kashyapi. 

Curiously, it was my growing fear of sitting still and really clearing my mind that actually made me realise I neded to give it a try. 

Meditation inspires me because it's the only time I really listen to my energy and emotions. It helps me find out what my deeper needs are rather than just my general day-to-day way of being in which my actions are very much a respons to schedules, on-going correspondence and to-do lists. 

Often it's during meditation that my emotions rise to the surface, but because I'm in a meditative state, I'm a witness to these emotions rather than at mercy to them. 

Meditation brings me clarity, stronger ideas and a better sense of self. And after regular practice, I'm now calmer and more appreciative of every experience that comes my way.”

Debonair, DJ


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