The difference between Taoism and Buddhism

Earlier this week, someone asked  “Can anyone explain to me the key differences between Taoism and Buddhism?” 

My answer:

You set out on a journey. A taxi takes you to the airport, you get on a runway bus to the plane,  fly to your destination, get on another bus, catch a taxi, and arrive at your destination, then, in reverse, you return home, getting out of a taxi, back at your own front door.

One journey, many vehicles. You could have walked, run, ridden a donkey, but when the journey ends, does it matter which vehicle you arrived by?

The funny thing is, as Charles Davies says, you could simply discover that you are already home. In which case, it is like getting into the taxi through one door, and stepping straight out of the opposite side, back onto your own doorstep. 

Saves a lot of trouble. Unless you simply love to travel, in which case, choose your vehicle and enjoy the ride. 

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