Be a poet of the air

Be a poet of the air /

be a poet
of the air

the divine voice
of the source 

speaking of itself
to itself

be the source

not the author
of any word

let poetry
dance out of you

until there is nothing
left of you

then who will dance
and sing?

the poetry will continue
like the breeze 

it cannot stop
singing the leaves

you be nothing
not even the stillness

be nothing
you are free

this is not your dance
can you not see

that you are
the dance

the dancer
and the dancing?

where will you look now
to find god?

where will you seek
and how?

when you are the song
of the wind

and the dance
of the leaves

when you are the source
of the purest water

from which
others drink?

what can you do
but allow the dance 

to continue
without you

knowing all along
that you are the dance

the dancer dancing
and the danced

out of stillness
you spin and turn

taking the breath away
from those who seek outside

turning their attention

until they begin to dance
joining you

the dance grows
in speed and beauty

and more
are drawn in

there is no end to this
nor was there any beginning

this is the beginningless dance
without end