An ocean of peace

An ocean of peace.

Towards a multifaith meditation centre.

Over recent weeks, a project I have kept on the back burner for some years has arisen to the surface. To create a space for meditation in SW Portugal. And to create an online centre, alongside the physical space. A place where those in search of peace can gather, in silence and community. A place where I can connect with others more directly. Not as a teacher, simply as a facilitator, a friend, a guide along the way.

This is centre stage in my work now.

Poetry continues to flow, unceasing. It's part of the work.

Meditative, contemplative, quiet and spacious.

I'll share more here as things take shape.

If you have any input, I would love to hear from you. Tell me, what would you like to hear, see, receive through this project?

I'm sharing this post publicly, because I would like to have maximum support and feedback for this project.

I will continue to gather funds and support for this project through my Patreon page, and on the donate page here.

I appreciate your support, in whatever form it takes.