A silent sitting meditation

Silent sitting / A stillness meditation

A way to let the mind go.

To settle, and become still.

Recorded spontaneously, on a clifftop in SW Portugal, this meditation arose in response to the needs of a friend I was mentoring, as a means of guidance for them whilst I was not there.

The original audio is available on my website, but Ulf, a YouTube broadcaster, got in touch, and asked to make this video. Do explore his YouTube channel, among other things, there are some wonderful recordings of Satsang with Robert Adams, well worth your time.

Unless otherwise credited, all images in the video are by Kashyap, video edited by Ulf.

I'm currently writing a book of meditations, The Art of Stillness. Stay tuned. 

If you're a yoga teacher or other business, and need custom meditations for your class or other project, get in touch, I'm available for commissions and collaborations.

I'm currently writing a relaxation / meditation for the closing sequence of a yoga class in Cornwall, England. It could be yours.