A quiet man

A quiet man.

Today is a day of rest and reading.

What's on my table?

Robert Lax.

Lax was a poet, a lover of simplicity with a deep respect for poverty, including his own. Not just of funds, but of posessions, and of words. He wrote sparingly, to say the least. 

A beautiful, fascinating, silent man. His work has a purity, a peace, a connection with the silence of the divine. It would be easy to overlook it, or underestimate it.

A contemplative and a hermit as much as a poet, his poetry arose from the silence of his heart.

A deeply spiritual man, he led a contemplative life, spending much time in solitude. He enjoyed a dear friendship with the Trappist monk, Thomas Merton, keeping in touch through their letters

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he sat
on the edge of his bed
all night

day came
& he continued to sit there

he thought he would never be able
to understand
what had happened

— Robert Lax