A meditation on meditation

A meditation on meditation.

Meditation is not a trying to get somewhere. 

It’s not a journey.

Nor is it a destination.

It is simply where you find yourself, when you let all things go. 

Letting go of all thoughts, concepts, fears and concerns, just even for a moment, let go until there is nothing left to let go of. 

Sink into it, until there is nothing left to sink into. 

Let go until there is nowhere left to go. 

What is left is who you truly are.

This is the ultimate meditation. 

It’s not a practice, you cannot do it. 

It’s not a state, you cannot achieve it.

It’s not a way to be, you cannot be it. 

You cannot become it, you already are it. 

You’ve simply been looking away. 

That’s all. 

This is the highest meditation.

This is the simplest meditation.

It’s what you already are.