Gratitude to patrons, donors and those offering practical support.

Since the founding of my Patreon community in support of my work, many of you have supported me, in varied ways. As the community of people supporting my work through patronage, one-off or recurring donations, gifts and exchanges continues to grow, it’s time for me to say thank you once again, to all those of you who have given your generous support along the way.

I’ll update this page regularly, out of respect and gratitude to each and every one of you.

Gratitude also, to the following organisations, for the scholarships to me this year: Adyashanti, Centre for Contemplation & Action and Spiritual Directors International.

Bowing, hands pressed together at the heart,

Amber Edmonson

Amy Correia

Andy McLellan

Ankori Tea

Anna Purdy

Anne Marie Vivienne

Anne Wu

Annie Mueller

Being Tea

Carl McColman

Carol Khyatt

Cassidy Hall

Cath & Dave Kelly

Charles Davies

Chris La Tray

Cynthia Howard

Damien Robert

Denice Bezoplenko

Diane Langley

Dinah Graffy

Dōrō (Frank LaRue Owen)

Dustin Heerkens

Emily Stephen

Emma Wallace (Founder of my Patreon page and community)

Encountering Silence (Podcast)

Fa Hsing Jeff Miles

Frances Oakley

Gemma Wrigley

Hans Olby

Holly Wren Spaulding

Hogetsu Baerndal

Inês Pinto

Jannik Abel


Jono Smart

Jordan Hoxsie


Julia Wingfield

Junshu Agattas

Kabir Nils Palmen

Kevin Johnson

Ksenia Anske

Lenaldo Branco Rocha

Leo Campos


Lisa deLay (Spark My Muse podcast)

Louisa Thomsen Brits

Lukas Funk

Mandy & Philip Verbrugge

Margaret Long

Mark Blondel

Marla Carew

Martin Wood

Martine Van Bijlert

Max StJohn

Maya Graffy

Michael Boswell

Michael Gravel

Michael Nobbs

Mike Crowther

Ministry of Change

Natasha Stallard

Nick Preneta

Omkar Singh

Owen Swain

Patrick Rhone

Patrick Shen

Rebecca Razzall

Rev. Kevin Omi


Ross Hill

Sally-Anne Airey


Sara Jaconelli

Sara Zaltash

Scott Schoenmakers

Shirin McArthur

Shivam Ananta

Shivani Maria

Simon Griggs

Siobhaun Evans

Sonam Aparna

Sophie Howarth

Sophie Kramhøft

Swami Vasudevyananda, Stephanie Squibb

Toni Cogdell

Vicki H

Vijay Ramanathan

Wendy Ann Greenhalgh

Your World is Your Monastery (Fran Bennett)

Zoë Navarre

云 山