Ways to support my work.

Supporting my work. As a Zen poet, I live the ancient way of Zen patronage, as the Zen poet Bashō did, welcoming patronage and donations. 

How your support helps. Your support enables me to continue writing and to publish my work as books, prints, audio and other formats.

Thanks to the support of donors and patrons, I am able to buy food, water, medicine, travel, clothing, tea and incense, as well as directly funding the work. I need further patronage to fund shelter and transport.

Ways to make a donation. You can donate using the PayPal or Stripe secure payment systems below, using your PayPal balance, bank, debit or credit card.

PayPal. Click here to send a one off or recurring donation via PayPal.

Stripe. Click here to send a one off donation via Stripe.

Become a patron. I have a growing community of patrons, who each pledge a monthly amount, from $1 per month, to support me in my work. In exchange, patrons receive poetry, notes and contemplations to their inbox, not published anywhere else.

Other ways you can support me. Invite me to write for you, or lead a gathering. Share my work on social media or your website, with a link back to this page.

Note. I donate a minimum of 10% of all earnings and donations to the support of others doing good work who support others, and to those in need.

Thank you for reading.