Notes from a lecture in the university of life.

Below is an extract from my daily writings of the first draft of my unfinished memoir, Zen Road Trip. This extract focuses on life as education. I get mine through travel. You can find it right on your doorstep. Go and open the door now, and get out there, who is your teacher today?

"I was ready to really learn. About the world, and about myself. Nothing prepared me for just how much I was going to learn, and the one thing that I learnt about more than any other.


People. People make the world go round. They make us tick. It's people that are our greatest teachers. If we're prepared to listen, and to learn.


I learnt more about myself, and about my world from the wonderful people I met on this journey than any other single experience in my life.


I learnt that a place to call home, is not the place with the right house, the right view, the right climate, it's about the living community, the 'sangha' found in Buddhist teachings.


We are all members of this living community, this university of life, and the more we contribute, the more everyone stands to gain."