Thank you for your support.

Beloved Sangha and friends, thank you all for your contributions to help me to attend Zmar Silent Retreat in May. I can now confirm that I have sufficient funds to attend the retreat. Any overspill after costs are covered will be used to help others. See below for details of how funds will be spent.

Funds came in from Sangha of Being, Mooji Sangha, Buddhist Sangha, from friends, family, from mindfulness teachers, nondual teachers, from Facebook friends I have never met, from readers of The Quiet Letters (weekly spontaneous contemplations), and of my daily Sparks.

My retreat place has now been booked and paid for, and I need to pick up a basic tent, sleeping bag and mat, as I may not be able to collect my own before Zmar.

Also, for day to day, a pair of shoes is needed. These will also be worn to give Seva, as I am to be giving guided silent walks form Mooji Sangha, my Seva to Sri Mooji on my return to Portugal. I will also offer these locally, on a donation only basis.

Any overspill above these costs will be used to help others. I offer spiritual mentoring to others, on a donation only basis, which is my sole means of subsistence right now. I give freely, regardless of ability to donate.

Thank you does not seem a big enough response. Let this life be my thank you. This life is my thank you.

I feel so loved and supported in the service I give, it is such a joy, thank you for allowing me to live this life.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to help me attend this retreat. Deepest Gratitude to you all, for your contributions, love, support, and for sharing this post on your Facebook pages. This could not have happened without you.

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