Simple advice.

I’m launching a new Twitter service today, my all new Tuesday Twitter Surgery. A weekly service, you’ll be able to ask me any question on simplicity and minimalist living that you like, for only a dollar. Questions must be 140 characters or less. My answers will be 140 characters or less.

To participate, send $1 to using PayPal, and retweet me. Then send your question via Twitter to @smplist and I’ll tweet your answer in an @reply. If I can’t within 24 hours, I’ll refund your $1.

Simple as that!

If you want more, email me to arrange a live chat consultation in my CampFire chatroom for only $1 per minute, booked in advance, minimum chat 10 minutes, in 10 minute increments. I also provide an ongoing email consultancy and mentorship service, email me for further information.