One thought.

“As one old Zen Master said: “One thought, sets heaven and earth apart.” I would add, one thought, believed.”— Adyashanti

“Don’t believe any concept.” — Mooji

“Don’t believe your next thought.” — Ananta

The power of a single thought, believed in, is boundless, and without doubt, the way to suffering.

Conversely, the power regained, by not believing any thought, is boundless. We return to our true position, as the Self.

Don’t do it. Stop it. Drop it. Drop any thought that catches your attention. If they’re not catching your attention, they’re not causing any trouble.

Drop that thought, and the next, the next the next.

Life will still go on. Nothing stops. You will still act, but from the heart. Not the emotional heart, but from the heart of your being. There is no purer, truer place from which to move.

But this one thought is different? No matter how it feels, no matter how it sounds. It’s going to look important, special, tempting, repulsing, it can come in any guise. It’s the thought that’s steering you away from the Truth of who you really are.

Just drop it. 

Keep on dropping, every moment, of every day.

Drop it.


words : Bhagavati image : Hoie Cheung Wong