Mindfully walking.

Mindfully walking, we discover so many things we would otherwise miss. Like this wild asparagus, which hides away, spear by spear, amongst the grass and shrubs along paths and walls.

Today, a quiet walk through some tiny back lanes, no cars, just a couple of people passed us. We began to look for wild asparagus, it’s in season here in Menorca right now. Soon, I had gathered a small handful. It’s sparse, so it was picked spear by spear, not in bunches. 

Walking as meditation.

I love to pick wild, free food. These dark green spears are to be steamed lightly, and served with a little local fresh pressed olive oil, local fresh ground salt and black pepper, a fresh salad, and a few scrapings of local cheese.

Eating as meditation.

They will be enjoyed mindfully too. Eaten and savoured, slowly, in silence.

As I head home to the forest in Portugal in early May, I will be inviting you to come and join me for quiet walks, silent sitting, retreats and meditations in the forest of Alentejo.

We will eat slowly, sip tea and be. 

words & image : Bhagavati