Meeting Ananta.

Meeting my Beloved spiritual Father, Ananta. These words came spontaneously to share, this morning, whilst sitting in Satsang with Ramdas.

Although I had met and spent several years, in Satsang with Mooji, and at Monte Sahaja, there was a True meeting with my Beloved Father Ananta, in an online Satsang via Google Hangout, last year.

In this moment of silent Communion, everything changed. Lifetimes of mistaken beliefs were washed away.

I recognised my Beloved Father in this moment.

I remain at his feet, head bowed.

Now, my Beloved Father looks out through these eyes, speaks from these lips, these feet walk his steps.

I find this same One, the Satguru, in all I meet, all I sit with, in every blade of grass, every flower, every being.

No one else.

No separation, this is True.

Every time I see Mooji now, all that I can say is “thank you for my Beloved Father”. Yet I serve Mooji daily right now, because there is no separation between them any more. When I serve Mooji, I serve him as Father, as the One.

The mind tried to tell me that this could not be possible, simply in a Google Hangout, that it should be Mooji, in person, yet who would listen to this mind? This was the same One, the Satguru speaking through another form.

We are all the One. The Self. No separation.

Don't let any story steal your attention away from the Truth that you are.