Light as a feather.

“As light as a feather, as hard as a diamond.”

The Zen Master of my Zen Master had a saying about our zazen. That is should be as light as a feather, as hard as a diamond. Indicating that our physical presence should be so light, with a diamond hard intention to sit with full presence of being.

What I have come to discover, is that this doesn’t just apply to sitting zazen.

It applies to the spiritual search, until the moment the search is seen to be over.

To live life, as light as a feather, to not be present as any kind of person, not even a spiritual one. To have a diamond hard intention, to live fully in the presence of our own True Nature only.

In this way, we may discover, fully, clearly, once and for all, the Truth of who we are.

words : Bhagavati image : David Gabriel Fischer