Leaving the forest.

For more than three years now, I have led the life of an itinerant monk, focused on contemplation of the kõan “who am I?” and subsisting on dãna donations into my digital alms bowl.

Now the time has come to leave this self enforced monastic life in the forest, returning to the world again. The kõan remains with me, and I with its eternal guidance, pointing to my original face, my True Nature, the Self.

Right now, little is changing. I’ll still spend time in the forest, I love forests, mountains, and oceans too. I love life. All of it. Nothing is ruled out as I return to the world.

Life guides me to work directly with others, focused on my work as a nondual mentor, in a series of face to face meetings. I am going nowhere, nothing is actually changing, there is no beginning, nor ending, I remain in the monastery at the core of my being.

Wherever these feet find themselves, they stand in sanctuary.