Don't buy it.

“Don't buy any concept.”
— Sri Mooji

“Don't believe your next thought.”
— Ananta

Two Masters, one pointing.

Can there be any more clear pointing than this one?

Here lies the end of all our problems. If we just don't pick them up. And if we find ourself holding one, it's never too late to drop it like it's hot.

Drop it. Drop it. Drop it.

“I don't know how” is also a thought. What happens if we drop even this thought, seemingly a valid one?

But these clear pointings apply to all thoughts. It takes effort to pick something up, but to not pick it up, takes no effort, requires us to do nothing.

To drop something we have mistakenly picked up, requires no effort. We can drop it in a heartbeat.

It doesn't need to be put down, or placed carefully.

And if we pick nothing up, where can we find any problem?