Dive into the Ganga.

When we drop all concepts, leaving all possibilities open to arise, taking the doors of perception off their hinges once and for all, we unleash the source, and the Ganga of life will flow through us, carrying us.

This Ganga, the mother of all rivers, source of all sources, already knows what to do. 

It doesn’t need any help from us. 

It doesn’t need anything from us, absolutely nothing. 

What could this mighty source possibly need from us?

We can stand on a rock, with the waters of this Ganga rising around us, panicking, resisting life’s inevitable flow. Resist or not, as the waters rise, it will still take us with it. 

Or, we can surrender to it, dropping all sense of our ability to be separate from it. That separateness is merely an illusion. 

If we relax, let go of this sense of separation, and dive into the flow, we can swim, downstream, carried by the mighty flow. 

We don’t need to choose where to go.

This Ganga of life will guide us, lift us, occasionally try to drown us, but all will be for our own good, for the greater good. How could it be otherwise?

Go on, dive in.


words : Bhagavati
image : Florentina Williamson-Noble