Dive in.

If you wish to drink pure waterthen go to the source.


Don’t just share the posts I write here, dive into them, contemplate them, drink them in.

They are for the deepest, quietest contemplation.

They contain within them, profound and mystical truths, millennia old.

Breathe deeply, inhale them deep into the heart of your being, take them, holding them, as a diver holds a rock, to dive deeper, meditate on them, contemplate their meaning in your own heart.

Use them as a divining rod to find the Truth within your own Self, the source.

So many people write to me, to tell me the peace they find here on my website, but this peace isn't on my website, it is in you, it is you. The posts here are simply signs pointing the way to this.

They’re written for you, for this very purpose.

To discover your Self.


words : Bhagavati image : Griffin Keller