Adyashanti on meditation.

“In the various forms of esoteric spirituality, meditation is often either overemphasized or underemphasized.

When meditation is overemphasized as the sole means to enlightenment, there is often too much focus placed on trying to attain a specific meditative state. Ultimate Reality is not a certain state of consciousness, no matter how wonderful or blissful.

Reality is the ground of all being, unborn and undying eternity. It is as present in one experience or state of consciousness as in any other. Reality, or Truth, is That which is ultimately true in all states, at all times, in all locations.

On the other extreme are those teachings that underemphasize the value of meditation. The thinking is that since Reality is ever present in all situations at all times, there is nothing to attain by meditating. In fact, this thinking asserts, meditation will only emphasize the belief that one is separate from Reality and needs to do something to attain it.

While there is logic in this viewpoint, it can lead to a type of fatalism and purely intellectual understanding that is counterproductive to true awakening.

While there is no path or practice that leads directly to awakening, it is also true that what you do is vitally important in determining the course of your spiritual life.

Balance is the key, effortless effort is the Way.”

— Adyashanti