“Ando, an amazingly talented and active writer, a woman who spent many years living as a lay Zen forest monk, in deep retreat from the world.  

Ando's poems are about silence, stillness, the research of inner peace, and human relationship with nature.

Her works show that a journey of self-discovery can be described with just a few words at a time: and the result can be beautiful and intimate poetry.”

Naviar Records. Publisher of music based on haiku and renku (a short form of renga)

Ando. Spending five years living quietly in the forest, I learnt the Zen of forest, mountain and river, studied the poetry of the wind.

I'm passionate about Zen poetry, especially haiku, monoku and free verse. A contemporary Zen poet, I'm currently editing and designing the first of a series of collections of my Zen poetry. A longer term project is a haiku memoir I am writing of my forest years, The Forest. A series of poetry prints and broadsides is also in the pipeline.

I'm writing a small number of courses, to share the process of haiku, contemplative poetry and writing, and Zen forms.

Work has begun on a Zen poetry podcast. You can listen to the early cuts on Patreon.

I also write for publication and commission, and am happy to create poetic copy and poetic names for products and projects for clients.

I write regularly on haiku for Naviar Records, and have a monthly column on creativity and human spirit for The Do Lectures. I'm responsible for haiku and content for BreatheSync app, and have written haiku and renku for Naviar Records.

My haiku and renku have been published internationally in collections, and I'm looking forward to developing further collaborations and partnerships, and a European Zen poetry school and community.

Do support my publishing and podcasting work by becoming a patron, or work with me, or both.

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