Quiet Sessions: Mentoring


Quiet Sessions: Mentoring

from 50.00 every month

One to one mentoring sessions.

For poets, writers, contemplatives and those seeking to know themselves better.

My part.

  • Each session is a 45 to 60 minute conversation, via telephone or online call, to discuss your practice (contemplation, writing or poetry), life transition, or a fledgling project, with a weekly follow-up email exchange (four exchanges per month). If you’d like to meet more often, get in touch and I’ll set up a custom package for you.

  • Alternatively, we can meet in your inbox, exchanging emails in place of speaking. Or a combination of the two. Get in touch for a bespoke arrangement to meet your needs.

  • I will ask listen, questions, answer questions, and offer gentle guidance to help you to nourish yourself and your life’s work.

Your part.

  • Commit to create space in your life for the conversation, and to giving your full, honest and quiet attention to it for the duration of any exchanges and follow-up we share.

Who it’s good for.

  • This mentoring exchange best suits (but is not exclusive to) those seeking inspiration, motivation, support, and to get unstuck. In particular, those from an Insight, Buddhist, Zen, Ch’an, Daoist, Christian mystic or contemplative background or inclination.

What others are saying.

“These are the best practice exchanges I have ever had. I am learning about the nature of mind. I am shifting in what I present in words. It's been phenomenal!” — Z.M.

“Since working with Andō over a relatively short period of time, I’ve seen such a difference in my own writing and the way I think about it and approach it. With her guidance I have begun to write more simply and directly. Her teaching style doesn’t follow a set formula but rather she guides by intuition, leaving a space for the student to explore, to find out one’s own way. The resources and wisdom she spontaneously shares is invaluable to my practice. I’m lucky to have crossed paths with her.” — B.R.D.

“Your teaching is bringing deep calm. It is also stirring poetic experience. I am grateful to you for prompting this in my heart. I am feeling indescribable gratitude. Thank you for nourishing mornings with your voice.” — S.S.

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Note: Spaces for mentoring are limited. Any questions, please get in touch.